Company Profile

Company Profile

ROMAR Overseas Placement and Trading Corporation is a recruitment and Human Resource consulting firm specializing in international placement. We provide a portfolio of best options that will suit the needs of our clients. Our services takes pride on its extensive expertise that enables us to offer the right solutions that will support our clients’ business objectives.

We started in 1981, originally catering to medical staff employment; we now expand on the most required manpower in the market, such as industrial, oil and gas, engineering, construction, airline, hospitality and hotels, sales and customer services and business process outsourcing (BPO).

We are duly registered and licensed Philippine manpower agency and actively engaged in overseas employment of Filipinos.

We excelled in partnering highly competent and talented individuals with our clients. Our pool of people for international employment undergoes pre-screening and pre-employment procedures through our “Searching and Sifting Method”. Professional staff deals with the preliminary interviews and investigation of the basic profile/background of the candidates and applicants.

Our PRINCIPALS have valued our ability to meet their specific needs and provide results more than their expectations. We understand our principals’ companies, their history, anticipated growth, employment concerns, business culture and the culture of the environment they thrive. Through this, we’re able to attract the talent and competencies of manpower needed to attain their goals.